Caroline came from a Texas shelter where she was left behind after all of her babies were rescued. A Colorado rescue stepped up and saved this young lady from a uncertain future.The day she came off the transport van, Racing for Paws was there to greet her. With her tail wagging, we believe she knew she was safe. We gave a warm bed, blanket, toys, etc for her until she found a forever home. That forever home came a short time later. We called to check on this girl and after speaking to her family, they said she is a joy in their lives! She is doing amazing and is healthy and happy. Caroline, We all love you and wish you nothing but the very best for you sweet girl!



Bentley was born in Arkansas in January 2017. Little guy had no clue what he was about to face as a small baby. At three months old he was dumped on the side of the rural road to survive on his own. A passerby found him curled up in a old tire crying. They believe he had been there for a couple of days. To survive at three months old and only 2lbs is a miracle! The humane society took him and gave him a second chance. They place him up for adoption on RescuemeOrg. Luckily they made a mistake of what kind of breed he was and I found him under Matlese mix. We fell in love with the beady eyed boy and in April I flew to Arkansas to meet our baby and bring him home. I watched him sleep next to me the first night and thought of how strong this little guy is. We welcomed him home the next day and then took him to our vet. He had ear mites and a bad ear infection in both ears. After treatment he was a perfectly healthy baby. Now Bentley (or Benny as mommy calls him) is a vivacious almost two years old Pomeranian mix. His heart is gold like his fur. He loves his big brother and likes to push his sister's buttons. Lol He is his daddy's world and has his mommy's heart. He likes to go to the baseball field, check the mail, car rides, meet new people and animals. He loves for his chest to be scratched, sit on Daddy's lap in the morning and drink out of water bottles.