Racing for Paws is a non-profit that supports animal rescues, shelters, and humane societies by assisting with financial and care needs.

Racing for Paws was created out of the love of car racing but more importantly, helping rescued animals in the care of animal rescues and shelters. We do our best to come in when shelters and rescues are low on funds and supplies. We raise money to help them get the things they desperately need.

Some of the rescues we have helped are; Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, Front Range German Shepherd Rescue, Denver Animal Shelter, Longmont Humane Society, Big Dogs, Huge Paws Rescue, Denver Dachshund Rescue, Freedom Service Dogs. Outside of Colorado: Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, Perfect Pawprints, Super Paws and Furry Friends rescues. 

My husband and I have supported and financed shelters around the United States when rescue animals are at their last hope. Our whole hearts and support go into Racing for Paws and helping rescue and shelter and animals find the support and love they need. Please join us in making their lives better in any way you can!


With love,
Jamie Klenin